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Puppy Luv is a full service dog grooming salon serving the Lake Norman community. Our team of professionals has 40 years of experience. Founded in 2004 by owners Debbie and Jeff Andrews, we’re dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing environment for your dog’s experience. When your dog is in our care, we’ll treat it as our own. Call us today to see how we can deliver the wellbeing and quality you and your dog deserve!

scarlet and stetson“When I first took my dogs to be groomed, years ago, I knew I had found the right place at Puppy Luv. Debbie (owner) and her staff were always happy to see Scarlet and Stetson, both Yorkshires. Stetson became sick and Debbie did whatever it took for me to feel comfortable leaving him until the end of his life. I cannot stress enough how wonderful Debbie and her staff were during those times...” +{more}

Scarlet has a sister, Sophie who’s Maltizu. Being high maintenance, Debbie and her staff deal with her needs and do it in an the most effective manner.

Along with a wonderful team, Puppy Luv is a clean facility and arranged so the staff is always able to interact with the pups. There’s visibility at all levels so no pet is left unattended at any time.

I highly recommend Puppy Luv; I know I will always bring Scarlet and Sophie there along with any new addition to the group.

– Lee Ann, Scarlet and Sophie Presley